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The Torsobear Complete Collection

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The Torsobear Complete Collection



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      (W) Various (A) Various

      Torsobear: Yarns from Toyburg is a collection of 12 grisly crime yarns, written in the style of old film noir and set in a world of toys. In the fluffy-noir world of Toyburg, some toys just don't play nice... Dismembered teddy bears are being found in the back alleys of this sweet city. It's up to our hero, rookie detective Ruxby Bear, and his partner, Officer Hazbrow, to solve the string of murders, no matter how high and far the clues take them.

      (W) Various (A) Various

      Torsobear: All Stitched Up is a collection of grisly crime yarns, written in the style of old film noir and set in a world of toys. Return to fluffy-noir in this step beyond imagination... With its greatest cop boxed up in toy prison, the sweet city of Toyburg is overrun with playthings on the edge of madness, driven by a mysterious force obsessed with the crimes of others. Looking back on recent villainy, can Ruxby survive long enough in jail to figure out who framed him? Can Hazbrow hold Toyburg Police together long enough to turn the tide?

      (W) Various (A) Various

      As old fears are being stirred up, just as they were in the Saturday Morning Wars before New Toyburg was founded, Toyworld becomes a bed of conflict. Those tensions allow one toy to seize ultimate power. Huggington looks less like a mayor, a public servant, and more of a tyrant. Ruxby Bear stands beside villains as Toyburg Police become more militant and corrupt. Will he quell the rioting citizens, or put his stitches on the line to find the puppet-master behind it all? Playtime is over.

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