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Sovereign Skies Base Game
Sovereign Skies Base Game
Sovereign Skies
Sovereign Skies
Sovereign Skies Chromium Cover

Sovereign Skies

    Long ago in a time of war, the six alien planets of the Abyssi cluster worked hard to find diplomacy and eventually came to form a fragile democracy. For humankind, the discovery of this cluster could mean abundant and cheap energy in the form of the earth-rare Atlum crystal. Now several human factions are racing in to grab a share.

    In Sovereign Skies, you play one of the powerful houses of Old-Earth now orbiting the six planets of the Abyssi cluster to recruit alien senators for favors and to establish occupation by constructing and activating bases for energy and influence.

    Number of Players1-4
    Playtime45 Minutes
    MechanicsAction Selection, Rondel Movement
    GenreGateway strategy game

    2 Mini Expansions

    Tides of Triumph and Cosmic Calamity expand the gameplay!

    Metal Coins and Upgraded Components

    Metal Coins and custom cut meeples for all the pieces

    Toothbrush product

    2' x 2' Playmat

    A fantastic playing surface to help with setup and gameplay!

    Limited Edition Art Print

    Movie style poster with the work of game artist Giacomo combined with the art and styling from Nolan Nasser and Designer Aaron Wilson.

    How to Play!

    How to Play Video with Bebo! Learn how to play in 5 minutes!

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    Limited Edition Chromium Box

    This box was only printed for the Kickstarter!

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