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The Fuhrer and the Tramp #5- Retailer

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The Fuhrer and the Tramp #5- Retailer



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      Written by: Sean McArdle, Jon Judy
      Art by: Dexter Wee

      Ian Fleming! Christopher Lee! Josephine Baker! Jon Pertwee! They‘re the Ministry of
      Ungentlemanly Warfare, Winston Churchill’s black-ops ace in the hole. Now they’re
      backing Charlie Chaplin, Hedy Lamarr, and Errol Flynn as they raid a Nazi installation.
      It’s Team Tramp vs. the Fuhrer’s Furies, over the fate of both Charlie’s brother Sydney
      and Charlie’s masterpiece, The Great Dictator!

      Zeppelins and machine guns clash before the action crescendos in a one-on-one slugfest
      twixt Little Dictator and Little Tramp. To the victor go the spoils (and the silly looking
      mustache) in the double-sized, 48-page, rousing finale to The Führer and the Tramp!
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