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American Guignol


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American Guignol




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      The curtain parts, revealing a darkened stage. A bloodcurdling scream rips the silence and the dim footlights sputter and rattle, throwing sparks into the audience. You've purchased a ticket to the Guignol, where anything is possible!

      Hold on to your programs, kiddies, as David C. Hayes takes you on a trip into his dark imagination with this fiction collection written specifically for a Theatre of the Macabre.

      Includes the complete novella THE GREAT AMERICAN SLASHER!

      20 stories-laugh, cry...vomit. David C. Hayes holds nothing back.

      "American Guignol is like a Shakespearean 2 Girls 1 Cup..." Cooper Nelson, Author of Blume

      "This book is so dark and hilarious, it gave me irritable bowel syndrome." Lance Polland, Writer/Director of Crack Whore and Werewolves in Heat.

      "A collection of stories that delivers laughter, tears, and moments of disgust. Hayes writes his stories with a quick wit and hilarious tone, and few in the business do it better than he." Mark C. Scioneaux, author of Insurgent Z and Slipway Grey.

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