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Deep Water Games To Unleash MonsDRAWsity At Gencon This August

New Monster-Themed Drawing Game From Tattoo Stories Designer Eric Slauson Coming Straight To Retail In Late 2020
MOTOWN, MI (February 12th, 2020) – Publisher Deep Water Games (Welcome To), in partnership with Design Studio Bread & Circuses (Council of Verona) and game designer Eric Slauson (Tattoo Stories) is looking to deliver monstrous fun this August with MonsDRAWsity. This new drawing game for 3 to 8 players has players taking turns either describing or drawing incredibly inventive monsters drawn by a team of artists sourced for their creativity and style. Retailing at just $25, the game will forego Kickstarter in favor of a straight-to-retail Gen Con debut. 
“All of us in the Deep Water family have been demoing games for years, if not our entire lives, and never before have we seen people respond to a game so instantaneously and so positively," says Deep Water CEO, Nolan Nasser. "MonsDRAWsity's box is packed full of delight, surprise, and laughter, for everyone from kids to parties to classrooms. We're thrilled to be bringing so much joy and fun to your table!"

"We are very excited to introduce audiences to some of the most bizarre looking creatures they've ever seen. Whether you're a professional artist or a connoisseur of the stick figure drawing, this game is packed full of memorable monsters that will have players scratching their heads in the best possible way," adds Bread & Circuses President, Jon Cohn.
In MonsDRAWsity, one player each round acts as the witness, while the other players act as members of D.R.A.W. (Department of Recording Anomaly Witnesses) whose job is to sketch what the witness describes. The twist is that the witness only has 15 seconds to study the creature they've just seen before placing the image facedown and describing it to the other players. This mix of memory, monsters, and mayhem has made the game an absolute star as its toured conventions leading up to its release. MonsDRAWsity will come with 8 white boards and markers and 150 unique creature illustrations.
 "MonsDRAWsity is a love letter to the art of creature design. From Gizmo to Godzilla, monsters are just a blast to look at," says game designer, Eric Slauson. "Through playing countless rounds of MonsDRAWsity across the country, I can confirm they are also a blast to draw."

Fans hoping to get a copy of the game's first print run can pre-order here:

Curious fans are encouraged to follow @MonsDRAWsity on Instagram for video tutorials, fan drawings, and designer tips. You can also sign up to be notified when the game goes on sale by visiting