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2 player Gamer Relief Bundle

$29.00 $70.00

2 player Gamer Relief Bundle



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      We're putting some our best two player games in a single bundle with an N3 art playmat so that you can have something to enjoy with friends while keeping to small groups! This bundle gets you $70 worth of games for only $34, and you're gonna be taking home some phenomenal 2 player games. Claim 1 & 2 can be played stand alone as just 2 player games or combined for 3-4 players!

      The Games for Two Bundle includes

      • Claim
      • Claim 2
      • 1 N3 playmat of our choice! 

      This is limited to 100 bundles in total, so snap it up fast!

       *Will be shipping in approx 1 week due to current capacity

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