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The Warcorns go back to basics

November 04 2020 – Cameron Kerkau

The Warcorns go back to basics

The Warcorns go back to basics

It's back to basics as Big Sarge, Gunney, and Floater enlist in Warcorns Division and try to survive basic training! Warcorns Combat Unicorns for Hire #1 is a prequel to the critically acclaimed Warcorns one-shot written by Garrett Gunn with art by Kit Wallis, available for pre-order now.

“With the one-shot, my intention was to simply explore comedic military tropes and write real friends I served with into funny, ridiculous characters. But once the comic came out and I got to see the reaction from fans, especially veterans who connected with these characters in a really special way, I knew we had to make more,” says Gunn

This four-issue series tells the origins of the most fabulously elite military force in the Franklin and Ghost universe, and features surprise appearances from other fan favorite characters.

“Going back to the beginning seemed obvious. The first year of every veterans military career is a really amazingly, terrifying and gratifying time, and shapes much of what a person will become for the rest of their service. So getting to see where the team started and how they met was a lot of fun. The best part of going back in time with the new miniseries is that we got to explore fun ways to tie it back into the Franklin and Ghost universe before the appearance of the titular characters. We get to see characters far before the events of Franklin and Ghost #1 and new characters you've still yet to see. Some of which will serve integral roles to the entire universe going forward,” says Gunn.

Source Point Press is a division of Ox Eye Media, publishing books, comics, and graphic novels. Warcorns Combat Unicorns for Hire #1 will be in shops on Wednesday, Jan. 27.