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Gloomhaven: Fallen Lion, the official Gloomhaven comic

September 16 2020 – Deep Water Games distribution

Gloomhaven: Fallen Lion, the official Gloomhaven comic

Gloomhaven: Fallen Lion, the official Gloomhaven comic

Gloomhaven, the world’s greatest board game, is about to become the world’s next great comic. 

The City of Gloomhaven can be a tough place to make it as an adventurer and being in the right party is key to survival. The Jaws of the Lion are the top of the mountain in the hierarchy of the city, but their latest job goes sideways, and Anaphi, the mindthief, is to blame! Get ready for Quatryll punk bands, drug dealing Inox street gangs, and a dark God sleeping beneath the surface, eager to destroy the world. Welcome to the city. 

Welcome to Gloomhaven: Fallen Lion 

Written by Publisher Travis McIntire and illustrated by Tyler Sowles Gloomhaven: Fallen Lion will be in your local comic shop on Wednesday, Dec. 30th.

“This is our chance to tell a more visual story that isn't beholden to the mechanics of a board game, where we have to stop all the time and find excuses to have drawn-out dungeon battles. There's still going to be lots of fighting, of course, but the pacing of a comic and the art will allow us to inject a lot more flavor into the world. You'll get a much better idea of the city of Gloomhaven itself, as well as the characters and how they move and act in combat.”

-Isaac Childres

Gloomhaven is a fantasy-themed, campaign-based tactical board game for 1 to 4 players designed by Isaac Childres and published by Cephalofair Games in 2017. It is the No. 1 rated board game of all time by BoardGameGeek, which has also given it six Golden Geek awards in 2017 for best game of the year, best strategy game, best cooperative game, most innovative game, best solo game, and best thematic game, and the Gloomhaven franchise has been backed by over 100,000 people on Kickstarter.

“The world of Gloomhaven is one of the most rich, detailed and unique in the fantasy genre. And somehow, there was still a ton of room for us to stretch creatively, adding story details, and creating new characters. Collaborating on the first Gloomhaven comic has been a privilege and putting a tiny bit of our own stamp on a world loved by so many people has been amazing. I can't wait for people to get it in their hands!”

-Travis McIntire

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