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Crystallo is almost ready!

July 10 2020 – Deep Water Games distribution

Crystallo is almost ready!

Crystallo is almost ready!

As many of you know we've recently become the new publisher for the award winning solo puzzle game: Crystallo.

You may have heard, we inherited a bit of a mess from the previous publisher but we've almost got it sorted out! We're on the last step: finishing kickstarter fulfillment.

Currently we've moved the fulfillment to our backerkit to get accurate shipping info! If you'd like to pre-order Crystallo you can find the hosted pre-orders here:

Crystallo Pre-order

If you backed the Crystallo Kickstarter we've got a quick update for you!

Thank you all for your patience and support through this. We're excited to bring you Crystallo!

We are 65% complete on Backerkit! 

That is awesome, but if you haven't filled it out yet please do. I know there are some looming questions I will cover below.

1.) "It is more expensive than what I was told for the game and shipping."

We understand that the pricing isn't exactly the same as what was said in the campaign. We decided on the normal prices as to hopefully help make sure everything is fulfilled within the VERY limited budget due to the Zafty gaffes, also because of where the product is we are fulfilling from the US to international locations which is expensive. If you have comments or concerns about that please email us at

2.) "I received everything why do I need to fill this out?" 

You don't, but getting a confirmation that you did receive your package and it is all good would be great. Anything not answered will probably just be marked as a "yes I received it" in a couple of months when we close the project.

3.) "What about the money I spent on Zafty's store?"

Unfortunately $0 of that money ever came to us. We will attempt to honor what we can but we ask that you try these steps:
1.) Attempt to receive a refund via your credit card company or PayPal.
2.) If you receive the refund feel free to purchase from our backerkit :)
3.) If you do not receive the refund submit the following form:

That is all we have for now. Please make sure to send your questions or concerns to If you have emailed us and haven't heard back yet don't worry, it could be due to the issue being a fulfillment issue (which will be addressed during fulfillment) or that our team hasn't gotten to that part of the inbox yet.


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