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  • Crystallo is almost ready!

    Crystallo is almost ready!

    July 10 2020

    As many of you know we've recently become the new publisher for the award winning solo puzzle game: Crystallo Unfortunately we inherited a bit of a mess from the previous publisher but we've almost got it sorted out. We're on the last step: finishing kickstarter fulfillment. Currently we've moved the fulfillment to our backerkit to get accurate shipping info! If...

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  • SPP exclusive metal cover "No Heroine" variant

    SPP exclusive metal cover "No Heroine" variant

    July 01 2020

    A hand numbered limited edition white metal variant cover of No Heroine #1 with art by Chris Callahan. Don't miss out, this variant cover in this special white metal edition is limited to only 75 copies!

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  • The fight against oppression and racial injustice.

    The fight against oppression and racial injustice.

    June 01 2020

    We at Deep Water Games stand for fighting racial injustice. We stand with the protesters. We stand for a country united, where our people and communities do not have to fear for their lives every day. 

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